Management Team

Stephen McAuliffe
President and CEO

Upon graduation from college, Stephen McAuliffe and two other partners founded Trimacs, in 1972. Their idea was to provide landscape services for what was then, a burgeoning real estate category: condominiums and townhouses.

During his youth, like many others, he had experience doing yard work. But, once at the helm of a dynamic new company, he wound up working every aspect of landscape maintenance from pruning to irrigation.

"We did everything for the first five or six years!"

To supplement his knowledge about the industry, he took several classes through U.C. Cooperative Extension. He also became certified in the proper use of pesticides and continues to stay on top of all requirements and licensing necessary in this area.

As CEO, Stephen is involved in every aspect of the company – from the financial side to the customer satisfaction side, making sure the company is producing the great results the client expects.

Though landscape maintenance has changed dramatically since 1972 – most notably the increased sophistication of irrigation technology and the move toward more drought tolerant plantings – one thing has not: what Stephen refers to as "extraordinary customer service."

Trimacs does this by providing a "one on one" service. One "account" person for each customer is their strict policy... which is unique within the industry.

"We are very good at personalizing each individual account and following it through. Trimacs is a people oriented business and relationships are important to us!"

Having great relationships, though, only make up half the equation. You have to follow that up with great service. You have to be responsible. Our word is our bond! If we tell a customer we are going to have a project done at a certain time, it must be completed in the agreed upon time frame."

A result of offering highly personalized service and helping properties achieve their highest aesthetic potential, Trimacs has forged many long term relationships over their long history. Trimacs has worked with many management companies for 30 years – a true testament to the high standards of Trimacs.

Jeff McAuliffe

Vice President

Jeff interest in the landscape maintenance business started in high school, when he began working summers at Trimacs, then a new business founded by his brother Stephen. He worked every summer through college at the firm, and has performed all aspects of the job, from crew leader to irrigation technician to account manager. This experience has made him aware of the value of gathering input from each crew member in developing the strategies necessary to maintain a vigorous landscape. He's particularly proud of the company's collaborative ethos: "We take a team approach to all of our jobs."

Jeff became vice president of Trimacs in 2007. In that capacity, Jeff manages the operational end of the company and handles the design and account management of the larger projects in the company's portfolio. Jeff has an informed perspective gleaned from more than 30 years in the industry.

"We consider ourselves to be part of the property management team, and a great-looking landscape helps sell your property." A study conducted by one of Trimacs' institutional customers has proven to be especially influential on his thinking. The study found that, when visiting a community, the prospective renters or buyers were most influenced by the condition of the landscape. "That really opened my eyes to the responsibility we have in maintaining our properties."

Carlos Camarena

Account Manager

Carlos has been with Trimacs since 2004 and was promoted to account manager in 2007. He has been working in landscaping for the past 20 years.

To learn more about the industry, he received a certificate in irrigation techniques and studied water management. As a result, he has become especially passionate about water conservation.

"Wasting water not only wastes money, but it is also something we have to be concerned about from an environmental perspective." Carlos shares his water-saving knowledge with his crews to make them "more conscientious" about managing this precious resource.

Carlos enjoys the interpersonal interactions that his job requires, from working closely with crews to providing excellent service to the managers of his properties. His favorite part of the job, though, is seeing the results of renovation work. "I like to compare the before and after which really shows the difference."

Denise Bacich

Office Manager

Denise is the "voice of the company," the friendly office manager who can help with questions regarding accounts receivable or payable—and most everything else. "Anything administrative I can handle and I'm always here if customers need to get answers to their questions."

Denise has worked in a cross-section of industries, including, most recently, a high-powered law firm. She brings to Trimacs the same enthusiasm, organizational skills and attentive customer service that have made her an effective manager over the course of her more than 20 year career.